Seams So Easy Sewing Studio
    By Nancy Scott Designs


Sew WHAT YOU WANT - Classes for all ages


  Enjoy the benefit of one-on-one with the same teacher. Sew what you would like at the speed that you are comfortable with. Sew anything from Swimwear to Bridal wear. By Appointment 

            Private Adult classes      

$35 hour, min. of 2 hours at a time

             (College age and up.)



           Semi-Private Teen Classes

                     2-3 students per class

                      (College age and up.)

                                $20 hour


                           $35 an hour

                   One on One teaching

           Sew what you want at your level. 


                   Min. of 2 hours at a time.

                      Call/Email to schedule    


         Summer Camps   

Semi-Private Due to Covid
    2-3 students per camp
$20 hour, min. of 2 hours at a time

  •  Summer Camps 
  • Call/Email to schedule