Seams So Easy Sewing Studio

Sew WHAT YOU WANT for all ages.

Adult/Teen classes

These Are Continuous Classes unless noted.  

You may sew what you want at your skill level.

Sew upholstery to dedicates.  Call for ideas!     

These classes are held year round.

 Jump in anytime.

Mar/May        W   9:30-12:00pm    $30 wk  

                                 Continuous     W   1:00-3:30pm      $30 wk

        June/July moves 1:30-4:00

T    7:00-9:00pm    $24 wk

                                   2nd Sat. (Once a month)   

                S    9:00-2:00pm    $60 wk

Swimwear         (2 weeks)                    $60

Swimwear & Cover ups fabrics can be hard to work with.  Have you never been able to find a swimsuit that fits you.  Learn to alter/make a swimsuit or cover up.                                 

                  Apr   9             M           9:30 - 12:00am       Week 1

                  Apr 16             M           9:30 - 12:00am       Week 2

                   May 1              T           12:30 - 3:30pm        Week 1

       May 9               T          12:30 - 3:30pm        Week 2

                   May 14            M          6:30 - 9:00pm        Week 1

                   May 21            M          6:30 - 9:00pm        Week 2

                   June 21            TH        1:30 - 4:00pm         Week 1

                   June 28           TH        1:30 - 4:00pm         Week 1   

Mending Class                       $24   2 hours

Want to learn to mend your clothes?  We will touch on the basics:    Taking in and letting out.

Non Stretch & Stretch fabrics.  Hemming, pants, sleeves, skirts, tops.

 Apr 2        M     Non- Stretch     2:00-4:00pm

Apr  9      M    Stretch               2:00-4:00pm

Apr 17     T      Stretch              1:00-3:00pm  

Apr 24     T     Non-Stretch       1:30-3:30pm

June 6     W    Stretch               6:30-8:30pm

June 20  W    Non-Stretch       6:30-8:30pm


Upholster your dinning chair pads

This class is to learn to recover the seats only. Learn about changing foam, cording & fabric. 

 Apr 17       T            1:30-3:30pm            $24

May 23      W          6:30-8:30pm            $24

Jun 14      TH          6:30-8:30pm            $24

Ladies Derby/Luncheon Hat          

Looking for those gorgeous hats that are hard to find?  Your will learn to add fabric, ribbon, flowers and feathers to customize your hat.

 April 23      M           1:00-3:00pm          $25

Private Classes all levels

Call to Schedule       Held at both locations.

Class Policy

  • All Classes are minimum 3 - 6 students    
  • Supplies are extra unless listed
  • To be registered, you need to  Pay in Full
  •   Class fees DO NOT INCLUDE patterns or supplies, unless noted.
  •   Class payments are not transferable to another month unless Seams So Easy has to reschedule.  
  •  You must make cancellations at least 7 days prior to class and you will be issued a class credit provided your          
  •   Cancellation does not reduce class participation below minimum.
  •  Seams So Easy reserves the right to cancel 48 hours prior to any class if participation level is below minimum.
  •  We will issue a full refund for any class we cancel.

 Stopping your Continuous class:  

 Notification is expected when you are stopping a class email/call/text 314-852-7220 

       All Adult, Teen and Tween classes are considered continuous unless listed.