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Girl Scout Badges

Sponsored in the 2010/2011 Leader and Scout Lark Booklet.

Previous Scout leader of 16 girls.

 New Style Badges     


Product Designer    (J)

Want to think like a product designer?  This badge will help you think outside the box.  You will be thinking through the process and machine sewing a Squirrel hammock for the Wildlife Rescue of Ballwin.  Thru this process you will be able to understand why they need certain specifications for their furry friends. You will also learn basic machine skills.

Additional tour can be set up to take your hammocks to the Wildlife Rescue.


Think like a designer by thinking threw the process and sewing 2 special pillowcases for the preemies at St John's Mercy Medical Center, NICU. See a video of the NICU and medical supplies to learn about how small preemies really are.  Learn about fabric, patterns, and basic machine skills to sew your pillowcase. The girls will program an embroidery machine and sew on a washcloth to take home with them.

Household Elf      (B)

 Make a troop friendship hat from a recycled fabric that you wear every day and how it reacts to water.  Start by learning about shears, patterns, pinning, cutting out a pattern and basic machine skills. This fun Polar Fleece Windsock Hat is an easy and great introduction into the world of sewing.


Learn how Quilts were made and what they were used from and why.  Start by learning about shears, patterns, pinning, cutting out a pattern, pressing and basic machine skills.  By sewing together your own quilt patch you will learn to sew on a button and machine Embroider a design. You will also see how quilts are created and finished.   


Entrepreneur       (C)

Scouts work threw all the facets of having a business to create a product to sell.  Focusing on a group to sell too, what to make, cost, supplies, time?  Taking the steps to put all this in action.  Product production to be put into action. 

Room Makeover    (S)

There are different ways to spruce up a room.  Learn about lighting, paint, colors in a room and how it can change the look.  Get inspirations for room or college dorm.  Take something old and make it new.  Take a pair of favorite old Jeans and make a Bed Caddy.  Whether building something of wood or fabric.  See how they are alike. 


Textile Artist            (S)  Need a troop to create this with. 





Old Style Badges


Brownie - Art to Wear Try-It    
Art can be many different mediums. It can be a painting, music or a poem. You can even wear works of art! The girls will learn the basic skill of using a sewing machine to create a one-of-a-kind blue jean purse.


Brownie - Stitch n Time Try-it            


Supplies Included

Learn the basics of sewing.  Pinning, cutting, machine instructions and ironing.  Embroider, sew buttons on separate pieces, and then sew together their own quilt patch.  Learn how quilts are created.  This try-it is great for the older Brownie.

Junior -Sew Simple Badge    

   Supplies Included

Learn about fabric, patterns, and sewing. See a video and learn basic machine skills. Sew a pillowcase for the babies at a local hospital NICU as your Troop?s charity item. Also see how technology has changed the sewing industry. The girls will program an embroidery machine with their initials and sew them on a washcloth to take home with them.

Junior -Art To Wear Badge                                                                                                

Make a troop friendship hat. Start by learning about patterns, pinning a pattern on fabric. Then cut out your hat and sew it. You will have fabric left over to create your own scarf and add your own special flair to it! Also, discuss careers in the sewing industry and how sewing can enhance your life.


Junior  -Art in the Home Badge                                                                                         

Add art to your home with fabric. By using simple household or store-bought materials, create your own pillowcase by making it a piece of art. Your troop will choose a fabric that you can build on.  Learn about Interior Designers.


Cadet/Senior-Fashion Design Badge 

Supplies Included

Clothes play a number of roles, some more obvious than others. Of course, your clothes keep you warm and protect you from the elements, but did you know they also reveal aspects of your personality and your mood? Complete this interesting project to gain an appreciation of how you can express yourself through clothes and how your design ideas.  Sew your own personal teen apron with your design influence.




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    Badges are completed in full.   

        Badges:  Minimum 8 - Maximum 25    (1-2 troops are OK)    Badges:$15 per scout

    Provided:  Machines,Sewing supplies and Certified Instructor.

Fabric Supplies (if indicated)

Troops are scheduled:

After school, Days off of School

and Holidays. 


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Seams So Easy Sewing

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Thanks so much for the event last night.  The girls really had a blast and it was wonderful that they got to use sewing machines.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they picked that up.  You were absolutely fantastic with the girls and I look forward to doing another sewing badge with you again. 

Thanks for your patience, kindness and understanding.


Deborah I. Austin