Seams So Easy Sewing Studio

Sew WHAT YOU WANT for all ages.

2014 Summer Camps



These camps are UNIQUE.


Your child can be creative and infuse their

Artistic talent into your individual project

at your skill level. 


No where else in St. Louis can they

sew what, they want. 


These camps are very popular.


 Summer Camps are being put on hold this year

due to having the house for Sale.

Students 14 years and older can join the adult classes.

Each class has a minimum of three students with a maximum of six. Giving lots of personal instructional time. Each class has a mix of sewing levels.

  • Clamps are full instructions. Understanding of patterns-alteration of the pattern, marking and layout
  • Machine instructions.
  • All sewing is done by students. 
  • Nice sewing is expected but it is not about perfection at this level. Unless that is your thing.  It is about the enjoyment of being able to make items yourself and knowledge of construction and design.
  • You are not guaranteed to finish a project in a camp.  It all depends on skill level. being able to stay on task and ability to take directions. 
  • Clamps are taught in a home state of the studio.
  • Referred by Hancock fabrics and Jackmans Fabrics for 15 years and Girl Scout Council for 10+ years. 


Classes are designed for 9 -14 years olds

Beginner: Items with mainly straight seams, no curves, stiffer fabrics, no plaids or stripes.

Intermediate: More detailed items with curves, closures, collars and additional detail.

Advance: specialty fabrics, lots curvature details, bound pockets, lined garments…..


 Each student will need a sewing machine.

Students are encouraged to bring their own machine. If the student cannot bring their own machine.

 Rental machines are available $4.00 an hour.

 Clamps include Snow Cone break  

                                         Classes value at $108 -$180

  • Drop off service is available.
  • Mature 14 year old students may also join the Adult/Teens. 

Any questions Please Email: